How to fix out “Microsoft setup bootsrap has stopped working” error message?

While you try to install Microsoft office you may encounter with a message of "Office has encountered an error during setup", and when you click on close you will get another dialog saying "Microsoft setup bootsrap has stopped working" These error messages are something that you are unable to understand and they will hamper your work too. This situation can be handled easily and the error can be solved quickly for that you need to contact at 0808-169-1988 Microsoft setup support contact number and get proper ways to fix the error.

To avoid these error messages and huddles you get while installing Microsoft office setup follow the steps given here:

First of all try to uninstall the previously installed office with the use of the fixit tool.

Once you are done with the uninstallation process, try to install the new office in clean boot. In case you are not aware of the clean boot process, here is all for you:

1. Press the windows key along with r.
2. Then, type msconfig.exe
3. System configuration will pop up, and select the button: SELECTIVE STARTUP
4. Now, uncheck both check buttons,
5. Then, click on Apply then say YES to the Prompt for restart,
6. After the reboot process you are in the Clean Boot Mode and you are capable of installing your office.

For going back to the normal startup:

1. Press the windows key + r
2. Then, msconfig.exe, system config pops ups 3. Now, select the NORMAL STARTUP button and say YES to restart prompt,
4. You will get back to the normal mode.

The set up errors occurs due to improper way of installation or uninstallation, and there is nothing to be worried for there kind of errors. Technical error for Microsoft setup can come due to any reason, and to fix them all ways are also available for you. There are many type of error messages that you will start getting on your evice when you get stuck in the process of Microsoft Office setup. All the errors have ways of correction, you just need to knock the right door to get the solution. Technical help can be taken for getting all such technical errors fixed as the tech professionals are aware of all type of errors and their solutions for your concern technical errors in Microsoft product.

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